Friday, May 17, 2013

Spot-fixing: for Sreesanth, it’s going from bad to worse

A year back, S Sreesanth could barely stand. Confined to a wheelchair with his toes having almost given up on him, his career seemed to be close to ending.

After Thursday, the transformation had taken a turn for the worst.
“That Sree had to get into it despite all the money that the T20 League gives is very surprising,” a Royals player told HT. “And it is even more shocking because there was no way you were going to doubt him.”
In fact, over the last week, the 30-year-old Sreesanth had been guiding the younger bowlers in the side.
He was extremely friendly, trying to help all the bowlers. There seemed to be nothing wrong with his life,” said the player. “It was only for the last game that Sreesanth was not along because he had been not selected owing to poor form. But he had taken that well too.”

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