Sunday, May 19, 2013

Smartphone App Wrap: Travel, TV, Google, and sports

As summer approaches and we start to think about getting out and about, I took a look at apps related to travel, sports, and the new Google I/O launches.

(Image: Google Hangouts)

As the pleasant weather finally approaches, we start to think about travel, baseball, golf, music, and enjoying time with family and friends. This collection of apps covers all these aspects of life while also including two new Google offerings from the I/O conference last week.

Google Hangouts

Platform: Android
Price: Free
Google has always had a piecemeal approach to communications so I was pleased to see them launch Hangouts as they attempt to consolidate these communications. Hangouts replaces Google Talk and gives you a quick and easy way to chat and connect via a video call.
Hangouts also lets you work across multiple platforms, including your desktop so communications flow better. I look forward to SMS integration like we see in Facebook Messenger.
Credit -ZDnet.

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