Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is All Big Data is Huge and Reliable Data to Make Decisions ?

These days companies are running behind Big Data, Yes thats true.Lets discuss some basics of how these tech companies and other industries like Flights also generating huge Data.

For example

Twitter Generating 10Tera Bytes of Data per 30 secs.

Facebook Generates 70 TB per day.

Air Flights Generate 10 TB per day.

So how to handle this kind of data and capture,organise and Analyse it? So the question is after analysing also the companies are not sure whether data is reliable or not and they cant make big decisions using big data. Offcourse it is a challenge.

Right now in the world there 2.3 Peta Bytes of Data and Increasing every day.By year 2020 the Data will be

growing on 40% Year on Year and it is 52 Billion Dollar Business.

So guys think about it...we will discuss more on this. Contact me if any questions or comments welcome.

Getting ready to office...catch you later.

Cheers !

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