Saturday, June 12, 2010

FBC- What is this?

In Todays world every company no no I will call it as a customer or END Client for IT companies want to hear about FBC solutions.What does this means? Does it make them successful with IT projects with their Investment? I dont think so 200%.How many IT projects are successful with this approach? 10 % or 20 % or 60 % or unknown? What do you think about it?Sorry forgot to tell you about FBC - Faster Better And Cheaper soutions.

In reality the companies/End Clients(Financial or Insurance or any ) running behind the budget and cutting costs,they are not thinking about the future and vision of the projects.I am not against to cost cutting but my real thinking is about the FBC.Are we going in right direction or not?
What is the vision of any IT projects? Does any body care about it? We are missing about so many things by going with rapid Application development approaches.I dont see any longterm plans or vision with todays BIG Companies.There is no proper Budget plans or vision.

All BIG Companies (Fortune) care about savings and FBC.No body is talking about Implementing the Quality and Visioned projects.Lot of Big companies lacking internal collaboration with in their teams.No body thining about Next Gen technologies.They Question themsleves likeWhere are we at? Why we are Implementing this project?

The main problem is companies concentrated about cost savings not on High quality or with Vision or Next gen tech.They just care about how much we saved.thats it.I didnt like the way current projects are going on.And they run behing buzz words in the IT market like Clouds,SOA,BPM etc.(I will talk about in next blog)Lot of R&D centers has shutdown during recession period.I cant imagine where is IT heading towards.By going through FBC solutions I dont see much future growth or Standards or anything.

Comments/Discussion are welcome on how the Projects should be implemented in accordance for future generation of IT and Quality.

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